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Monday, September 27, 2010

my sweetheart 1st thingy


hi buddies,

*i take about 3 days to type this and i hope i can publish it by tonight, by hook or by crook.

is not a big deals for me to go to the men department's because my sweetheart loves when i accompany him around and give him suggestions for this and that.

when it was the time for me to buy for his 1st thingy for the hantarans, i face a problem!

i dont know where to start?? before this i bought few pairs of long sleeves, pants, socks and shirts but when in term of for the hantarans i lost the idea what kind of brand/ design/ etc to buy. sigh.

well, as i told you before i did settle everything myself without him due to his time factor which arent easy still i enjoy the moments because it was part of the preparation of the engagement day.

his 1st thingy was a set of belt and wallet. hurm. it's a challenging because from what i observes there are quit similar designs unlike women's stuffs. lots of black and brown colors!

oh, men? how/ what are they looking for it eh? there are looking same. oh, maybe a little bit of changes in design yet still look alike same with other brands.

end up, i bought a set come with a box. a simple buckle is suitable for him and i just love the design of his simple wallet.

p/s: i think men unlike women who loves those blinking and attracting designs. ha ha.

yours truly,


Iffah Hamed said...

adoiii..macam resah dan naik pening saje i tgk u cik syahira..hehe..rilex..guys stuff mmg sgt complicated to think..but yet,its only a simple thing is the best for them..hehe

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

nak cari barang laki lah yg paling tak susah sebenarnya tapi yg tak susah tuh lah mahal. hahahaha....

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum iffah,

thanks dear. well, i am not going with him. that's why la.

assalamualaikum amy,

i agree with you. it's expensive even a very simple thingy. hu2x

YuNa said...

wah... dah beli satu barang dah! wink2!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum darl,

haha. surprise! will updating the hantarans thingy very soon. *wink