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Thursday, September 23, 2010

my 1st designer handbag and purse


hello buddies.

a designer handbag is one of my wish list back to couple of years ago. my 1st online shopping blog that i love to hang around is kl premium outlet.

almost everyday i blog walking and surveying for a designer handbag there and this blog never fails to share the latest design and of cause it was a bit pricey.

i just dont mind with the latest design etc etc but my target is i must have at least one, a designer handbag and purse. until..

i found this blog, how2shop. there offers a not so up to date as the previous blog but still the products are genuine and authentic as above.

furthermore, there offers a reasonable price for each items. while i browsing at her blog, i found a designer handbag where by has catches my eyes because of the color, a combo of pink and orange in colors!

then, i text to the blog owner and keep on emailing about 10times per hour (so drama queen!) to ensure that the handbag are genuine and authentic. alhamdulillah, she's really open minded and keep on entertained me until i really believed her.

on one whole night i am thinking that why not the designer handbag be as on of my hantaran and i just dont mind to keep it inside the dust bag for ages. ha ha.

at the same time, i google the handbag to get the exact price just in case others will gave me better price but i found that blog offers me the best price. *big grin.

the most toughest part is my decision must be agreed by my sweetheart because he will paying the bill! hu hu.

after so many hints, finally i told him about the handbag and i did requested to the blog owner to get me the purse too. i just dont believed that we spend xxxx of money to buy one set of hantaran only >_<"

fine. it just a simple handbag with a simple design in fact it was not the latest season but it comes with the theme colors. i cant help myself anymore. sounds cliche.

fyi, i paid for the deposit and alhamdulillah he agreed to settle the bill. sharing is caring, why not?

p/s: i recommended to check details any website if you want to buy via online because you might be cheated by them. that's why i asked like 100questions before i really trusted the seller.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

dah bukak dah website tuh, agak murah jugak lah. tapi tuh lah.... i nak beli online tapi si dia mmg susah nak terima my idea. T________T

betul2, kena tanya banyak2 kali until kita puas hati. hehehe..

Iffah Hamed said...

wahhh..kena bukak tengok ni..ape yg best sgt tu..^_^

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

customer always right. just be careful and never trust them easily otherwise you did check the seller background like me. *wink

plus, if you are a fussy/ choosy client i am not recommend you to buy online. trust me.

assalamualaikum iffah,

the prices are reasonable and the products are ori and genuine otherwise it stated there.