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Friday, December 03, 2010

30 facts about us


hi, girlfriends!

before all memory fades, i would like to jot down things that we have go through before we reached this stage:

1) i was praying for the best on me after my ex broke my heart into pieces. i did solat istikharah to solve the puzzle and wishing for the bright future.

2) meeting my sweetheart on january and to be honest i just dont take this as serious and we're only friends. at the very 1st time, i like him AS A FRIEND.

3) meeting my ex and settle everything on end of january/ early february with the permission of my sweetheart. i dont understand why i asked him for a permission. but, nvm lah.

4) february is my sweetheart's birthday. i baked a STICKY moist chocs cake for him. hu hu.

5) either on february or march, he brought me to his aunt's house and introduced me with all of his aunt's and uncle's, cousins, brother and sister excluded his family ( i mean his mother and father).

alhamdulillah, this is the 1st place i am falling in love with my sweetheart. i saw his younger cousin at the age of 4 running towards him and hugging him. she climbing at his back and subhanallah i dont know how to express the feelings.

i saw 'something' inside him which i never seen before. he such a lovely person especially to the kids. it's touched me.

6) april is my birthday and we went to sunway pyramid celebrated my 23rd years young. karaoke at red box and he bought me ice cream cake! nom. nom.

in fact, my 1st birthday present from him is a teddy bear. hu2x <- i am not into this. yet, appreciate it.

7) end of april/ early may my sweetheart's mother invited me to her house and i stay 2days 1night there. alhamdulillah, his family was really nice to me. according to him, i was his 1st girlfriend that he brought home and introduced to his family.

8) i did plan to bring him home on my graduation day 2008 at uthm end of august. however, on 08.08.08 my mom hospitalized for about a week at putra medical center and i introduced him to my family members. alhamdulillah, my mom is the most happiest person ever.

9) end of august, he managed to accompany me on my graduation day. it such a sweet memory ever. thank God.

10) my 1st time in 23years young i had a breakfast with a boyfriend during ramadhan month. haha.

11) his parents called me to have a stay for few days before i went to hometown for syawal celebration. we did sahur and buka puasa together, enjoy shopping at bazaar ramadhan and last but not least went to Jalan Tar for a last minute shopping.

12) psst.. his mother teach me on how to bake assam manis cake.

13) syawal 2008 was our 1st time together and i bought for our baju raya. the theme was green. however, the tailor has close the order due he forgot to send it to tailor and grrr.. mark the date on syawal 2010 he just wearing it!

14) end of 2008, i went to bandung indonesia 4 days and 3 nights. i bought a new simcard and easy for us to sms.

15) we celebrated new year, 2009 at his home ( i mean with his family). alhamdulillah his family and i are closed.

16) early 2009 he flirted with a girl in ym w/out i noticed. however, Allah is the great i found it by myself in june/ july.

17) 1st few months in 2009 he was very busy with his final project and we rarely communicate due to the difficulties.

18) i am happy when he had his practical training at mindef. at least, he experienced on working in his real field. in fact, its easier for us to meet every weekend. during his practical training, i follow him watch soccer at shah alam stadium, mu vs barca at subang with his ex school mates, i follow him play futsal and we went to penang attended our matriculation mate's wedding. last but not least, we went to sunway lagoon!

19) i went for 1st time mess night with his batches at selangor royal club. yes, i am within soldier's range now. ha ha.

20) 1st may 2009, his parents visited my parents at down south jhr. alhamdulillah, both are ok. his parents sleep at my home, you know? hihi.. they are getting to know each others closer.

21) either june or july i found that my sweetheart flirted with other girl. i take 3-4 days to ask this. being me, i wont scolded him but i was very professional under taking this situation.

even tho my heart broken into pieces, i email and asked him everything with the prove. i print screen their history of conversation in ym! luckily, they just chit chatting within a month. alhamdulillah, we settle and the case is close now.

the lesson learn for us: 2 communications is vital.

22) his mother invited me to join their family day at PD.

23) during ramadhan month, we celebrated as per last 2008. his mother invited me to celebrate there 1st before i went to my home town. we went for last minute shopping at uptown danau kota.

24) i learn from the past. from now on, during syawal i bought for our pair of baju raya and i send his baju melayu to be tailor made. he was very happy cause i had prepare for his baju raya. so manja sometimes..

25) in nov 2009, he graduates from utm skudai. he was the final batch of soldier who collaborated with utm before there are known as upnm. his mother invited me to join them at pulai spring resort and went to his convocation together.

26) before they off to kl, they visited my parents.

27) after his graduation of degree he cont his training in sg besi camp. the most painful moment when he's away for out station. i am learning as the real soldier's girl friend such as being left for a week w/out news, cried days and nights cause i miss him badly and etc.

28) i am glad when he got a holiday. he take me to genting highlands and we had fun there.

29) he spend of his end of 2009 with training, training and training mean while i am struggling for final exam.

30) alhamdulillah once again in 2009/2010 i celebrated new year with him as per 2008/2009.

ok. ok. that's all for now. my journey in 2010 will update very soon. bye

p/s: i never going to his house except with his mother's invitation only.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

wah.... sweet of lah dear. kalau ur bf baca ni sure senyum je dia. tak sabar nak baca futher facts. ;)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

before the memory faded, i better jot down them. hi3x

h e r n y z a r said...

ur sweetheart same bday with my bintang. hehe~! what a coincidence. same job and same bday. wee~!

::m!SS edURA hanUM:: said...

so sweet ar syahira

::m!SS edURA hanUM:: said...

syahira...nanti abik award dekat sini yer

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sarah,

really? we handle the same character is it? great!

assalamualaikum edura,

thanks dear. ok will going to collect it soon.