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Sunday, December 18, 2011

{ Premium Beautiful corset }

beside photo and video for wedding, this is another biggest investment for me (so far). acceptable for wedding and life after that.

my random observation, 3/4 of women will gain some weights after her wedding. not pregnant yet, but then has put on weights already. there scared me, okeh.

this phenomena been discussed by us. my sweetheart also concerns more on me if i put on my weights in certain unforgiven areas such as tummy! huhuhu. please tell me, how long that your partner will pretend that your bloated tummy is cute. ops!

in fact, my sweetheart always advice me to take care of myself, my healthy diet, my health bla bla bla. he afraid if i am falling sick, i know he afraid if i am fat ( i mean i gain more than my normal weights except pregnancy case la ), i also think that he must be proud among his friends if his partner is beauty with brain etc etc.

since my wedding is 5 months left, my target is not to be kurus with Premium Beautiful corset but i want to be healthy. i want to wear my wedding dress with high confident, i want my sweetheart falling in love with me again and again eh!

next week, i will going to send my wedding dress to my tailor in my hometown Batu Pahat. YEAY! i will wearing this corset and let her take my measurement. wink. hope it turns, vouge da vassssss.. hehe.

yours truly,

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Lady WaiLiN said...

org bt pahat ke?katmana??