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Monday, December 05, 2011

{ i am calling upon all my readers }

hello there!

i am calling upon all my readers near and far, as well as my silent readers to share with me any info regarding on paper lanterns for rental. oh my good news if you guys renting your used paper lanterns.

here you are your very high potential customer. *big grin*

i need a lot! seriously.. i dont want to buy cause i may not used it after that. i wish, to rent from you all. pleaseee.. *wink*

my criteria for paper lanterns rental are:

- pink, shocking pink, red, white and green only.
- any sizes (small, medium and large! i want them all).
- serious business only.
- renting for few days ( thursday-monday).
- all of them will travel with me to down south Johore.
- eh. lupa. for end of MAY 2012 wedding k.
- *coughs* i am really appreciate if you want to let me borrow for free!

interested?? please drop by to my comment box and left me your email. insya Allah, i will get to you asap. Thanks! :)

yours truly,


~eina~ said...

try tanya nawal dari

dia ade sewakan paper lantern.... die duk area putrajaya. dia buat business sewa2 barang untuk wedding....

Bake With Love said...


email me...

thanks :)

maryaaaaaaa said...

yup.. try tanya nawal kat somethingborrowedby nawal kat fb :)

dhiera said...

yang saya tahu pun, nawal~

Ainee Cumi said...

I ada paper lantern warna pink. Around 30 tak silap. I kena kira balik sebab I banyak bagi kat kawan kwan I yang banyak membantu. And warna purple. U boleh cari I kat FB Ainee Cumi and hantar mesej kat inbox.