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Saturday, November 05, 2011

{ stress is in the air }

this is my 1st argument (kot) with mother. sigh.

she rejected my idea. speaking about arguments, mother and i always disagree each others. fine, this is not so my 1st time. during preparation for my engagement, we did some but hey.. no worries after that we were doing fine. haha.

well 1st argument for wedding preparation. sigh.

i think its normal. breath in, breath out. i wont take this seriously and hurm.. just accepted what ever she willing for. might be, she knows better than me.

as a daughter, i need to respect her decisions too. this is NOT my wedding only. this is our family event. we stand together to make things happen smoothly.


of cause, i lil bit. nvm, it will healing in very soon. because.. mother and i will going to buy some materials for my wedding. wink.

see.. after some arguments, we will doing fine. hahaha.

yours truly,


Cik Zimie said...

sama la.stress jugak.baru tadi discuss dengan my mom pasal baju untuk pengapit,keluarga dan dayang.small matter je pun but she rejected my i have to follow her choice.sobsss.

tqahmisdar said...

i pun da start argue dgn my mom..sob3..normal kot..lagi2 kita ni anak perempuan.. >_<

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum cik zimie,

me too. i am lazy to debate with her, i just follow what ever she desires to. huhuhu.

actually we disagree about the wedding dais. mother want something like this, on the other hand i want something like that. huhuhu.

assalamualaikum tqah,

you are right. what ever it is, we need to respect her as a mother. kan?

Rina Hamid said...

samela dear...i think everyone pun face d same probs..kita2 yg muda i think prefer simple n sweet while dorg suke yg mcm org2 dulu nye wedding..hhehe..apapun try slow talk with her..all d best :)

dhiera said...

saya pun ada arguement dengan my mom aritu~ tp sekarang dah ok~