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Saturday, November 12, 2011

{ something stupid!!! }


most of peeps out there plan from months/ years ago to have something special yesterday. 11.11.2011.

engagements, solemnization, anniversaries, corporate events etc etc. however, how foolish i am cause i forgot that yesterday is .. my 5 months engaged with my sweetheart :(

when i wake up this morning, i feel bad cause i forgot about it. sigh.

both of us been very busy lately. he has soccer matches under RRD until 18 Nov before he shoot to 'operasi' for couple of months. huhu.

apart of that, i busy with DIY thingy. my 1st project is bunga telur. i plan to DIY 200 bunga telur for 4 bunga pahar. each bunga telur consist of 10 flowers! simple calculation, 200 x 10 = 2000 flowers. huhuhu.

sounds crazy kan??

i only have 1 month and half to settle everything cause next january my working load is killing me!! i hope that i can manage to handle between preparation for wedding and working field. 6 months plus for me is not long enough to wait for. things must be done very quick!

yet, i was so thankful to my course leader(s). at least by extra loads i can pay my official photo and video team. hihihi. peace, no war.

well, i can see that once we decided to get married or anything good insya Allah, Allah will help us in so many ways. i pray hard that, next year i am in very good health to treasure the most challenging journey in my entire life. wink.

yours truly,

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dhiera said...

banyak tu nak DIY? sanggup?