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Saturday, November 19, 2011

{ something is missing }

such a painful for me when she left us, forever at the 1st time. then, when i realized that there will be her best place forever hurm.. let her gone.

i am not sure, is it ok for me to cry and cry and cry on her death. every time i remember her i send AlFatihah hopefully she rest in peace there.

at this moment, frankly speaking it is hard to accept the truth that she passed away already. i still feels that she still with us. at her bedroom, sleeping as usual. or..

every subuh i love to share a bed with her. sleep next to her and hug her tightly. i was so manja with her. damn painful.. when i start to memorize the sweetest memory about her, i will crying (again).

such painful. heart breaking. into pieces. Alfatihah. *sob*

i supposed happy on her cause she left us on friday nigh while she was sleeping, buried in friday morning and it was raining after everything settle. the weather was very kind to us.

alhamdulillah. that was the best memory ever for our family. things that we are very proud and Allahuakbar! Allah knows better..

again, Alfatihah to my late 'nenek'. no offenses. nenek kesayangan saya. oh, i cant hold this tears anymore..

yours truly,


fify said...

bykkan bersabar kak.fy pon alami benda yg same sebulan lepas. jumaat peluk cium nenek,selasa dapat kol nenek da xde. berapa hari xdapat terima. now da ok. Al-Fatihah.

Kerry Mirza said...

kery pernah berada di situasi anda..memang memerlukan kekuatan yg teramat sangat :((
semoga awk sangat tabahk dear..
sedekah kan Al-fatihah banyak2.
in my case, pakcik.2 org plak tu..dua2 org meninggal w/out me di sisi.mmg terkilan sgt..mase tu kery menanges2 sambil bace fatihah berulang2 kali saampai tertidoo :(

Aisyah Humaira said...

al-fatihah.. T____T