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Monday, November 21, 2011

{ on annual leave }

i am still in down south, Johore. last night is the 3rd night of kenduri tahlil for my late nenek. she passed away last friday night. Al-Fatihah.

before i off to KL, i will going to visit her grave. i am so surprised when i heard that, some one visited her mother's grave once a year. i was like.. what??

hello, your house is just near by ok?! how could you?? sigh.

seriously i cant understand what kind of mentality la~ this is my 1st time ever some one i am really closed passed away. so i google some info as my guideline before i visit nenek's grave.

i would like to share this beneficial info as well as my reminder for future references: link.

my closed friend who grow up together with me knows me very well. 99% of my childhood memories is with my nenek. insya Allah, every time i am going back to hometown i will never miss visit nenek's grave as well.

i really want my nenek happy and rest in peace there. nenek, you know kan how much i love you? even after you leave us, i will never stop loving you. urm.. 21/11/2011 is supposed neneks' birthday. Al-Fatihah.Link
p/s: girls, at the time moment i break from any wedding preps to give my respect to nenek.

yours truly,

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dhiera said...

al-fatihah untuk nenek kamu~ takziah buat sekeluarga