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Monday, October 24, 2011

{ when is the perfect time to send the wedding materials to my tailor? }

she is my friend. Linda Rahim Kuala Lumpur is her designer. i secretly adored her wedding dress and how i wish i have more money to hire Datin Linda Rahim too. sob.

forget about designers. stay in my own shoes. huhuhu.

let's inspired her wedding dress. i love to see that 'ropol-ropol'. so sweet. now, i just wonder when is the perfect time for me to send the wedding materials to my tailor?

i had browse some pics that inspired me and will discuss with my tailor. let's pray that everything will be under my budget. below RM 100/pcs is the best! yes, less than hundred. not thousand. wink.

insya Allah, i will send 2 dress(es) ; for solemnization and sword bearer ceremony.

mean while, i am looking for any pages which is sharing with us 'how to DIY veil' . yeah.. i was planning to DIY my veil too cause i have extra pcs of french laces. la la la~

yours truly,


.:shura shushi:. said...

Cantiknya baju tu..!

K.I.N.A said...

below rm100 sgt murah..baju nikah kina pun rm180..perfect time 4 5 bulan sebelum? tp jgn lupa bgtau tarikh nikah awal..supaya tailor tak kalau dah biasa dgn tailor tu insyaAllah no prob..:)

FY said...

gorgeous dress =)
yeah,agree with Kina, 4 to 5 months sebelum majlis..
nanti u kawen lalu bawah pedang ye?waaa,bestnye..hehe

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum shura shushi,

well, Linda Rahim Kuala Lumpur pcs.. sob. i cant afford. huhu.

assalamualaikum kina,

to play safe end of dec MUST MUST MUST see my tailor.

assalamualaikum FY,

insya Allah. it's sword bearer (=