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Saturday, October 15, 2011

{ sometimes }

i think it's complicated.

quite difficult to explain. i cant find the best words to describe. i dont know how it happen and WHY? *puzzled*

maybe, this is what b2b feels during the engagement period. maybe, this is what others called as 'dugaan bertunang' which is .. pfftt!

i dont feel that i/ we have any probs but.. entah la.

we love each others like we did before. nothing could changes. sometimes, we are busy.we forget to text each others. we dont have time to meet. yet, we know that we miss each others.

just because.. recently he is busier than before makes me lonely. i dislike being lonely. it's difficult for me to survive. i am stuck. *morale down*

i am so emo when my sweetheart told me that he will going 'operasi' until Jan 2012. haih. macam mana nak berumah tangga ni, dugaan sikit pun dah tak tahan. sob.

so, during he is away for 'operasi' i need to settle my DIY projects. luckily i have circle of friends who will always with me. hugs you all. psstt.. you know who you are..

never give up, be strong and live my life to the max cause being single is just couple of months left. hahaha. *chill-chill*

yours truly,


Cik Hazz said...

rajin you nak diy. busy2kan diri diy yok! jgn layankan sgt perasaan yer. dugaan semua tuh. ;-)

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum cik Hazz,

TQ dear. i am interested to DIY bunga dip. wish me all the best k.