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Saturday, October 01, 2011

{ saving for wedding and life after that }

within 4 months working in new work station, i managed to save Rm 3k for my wedding. fine, this is NOT EXACTLY things that i can proud of. huhuhu. i should save MORE after this but.. year end sale is around the corner. sigh.

i am so grateful cause i dont need to waste money renting any attires for my wedding cause everything will tailor made by my tailor. *jimat di situ*

here, i just list down few stuffs that i will need to pay for:

1. wedding invitation cards.
2. banners and bunting.
3. bedroom stuffs and furniture.
4. tailor fees.
5. make up.
6. renting accessories.
7. wedding dais.
8. decoration gifts for him/ 'hantaran'.
9. gifts/ 'hantaran'.
10. photographer.
11. cinematographer.
12. 'bunga telur'
13. door gifts.

catering, canopies, entertainment and such contingencies.. will request father and mother to top up for me. huhuhu.

these are only talking about wedding, not life after that yet.

luckily, we did discuss that we will staying separately after that so.. life after marriage is not much different except i have my own room in his family house. ops!

my sweetheart said twice a month we can meet each others in his family house in KL. well, that will be the price that i need to pay marrying an army officer. it's ok. is not a big deal lah..

insya Allah, i can do it!

yours truly,

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