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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{ mini pelamin }

so many drama to tell. let me share with you, one by one.

1st we go to, my mini pelamin.

for my engagement, i plan to DIY mini pelamin. since mother volunteered to sew the backdrop curtain, i assume it is settle.

unfortunately, the idea been rejected by father! he totally disagree U_U

fine, i am lazy to argue/ fight with father so mother and i secretly stand by a place called, not-so-a-mini-pelamin. she set a sofa and flowers. that's it.

my not so called mini pelamin.

just a simple one

when the day has come, after the discussion of both side, my family called me and the drama begin when i confuse where is supposed i go. to the mini pelamin which is at the other side of living hall or just sit down in front of his mother at another living hall.

psstt.. i have 2 living halls. huhuhu.

everyone request me to just sit down in front of his mother so that there dont need to move to another living hall. at 1st i refused to go but then my friend advice me to just follow the instruction. ~_~"

yes, END UP..

never mind, after this i assure that i will have my DREAM WEDDING DAIS.. hihihi.

wait, morale of the story is.. never plan something that father will dislike.

yours truly,

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Cik Hazz said...

baju tunang you sangat cantik!! pinky!! congrates!! =)