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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{ how much is your solemnization dress? }

next month,

i will going to see my tailor. just wanna say, hi! hi! have a coffee break together discussing about my dress(es) and my sweetheart's baju melayu for the solemnization.

hurm. i did some changes. i mean, i changed my mind. i bought 3m off white french laces for the reception and at the 1st place i thought i wanna request my tailor to do some patch works but..

i think it is might difficult for her (kot).

now, i change my mind to request her a very simple design yet look gorgeous like below:

Daulat Permaisuri Agong.

i decided for a kurung modern style. so, 2m french lace for the upper part and another 2m or more will using chiffon like design which inspired me below:

( bottom part only)

as i mentioned earlier, i adored 'kain ropol-ropol'. hihihi. so sweet. i cant take my eyes away from it! please.. please.. i want it so badly. please..

oh! 1 more thing, girls please share your opinions please.. (how many please daaa..)

i wish to have a 'kain yang meleret-leret' during the sword bearer/ reception (sama je). is it ok if i buy chiffon material? any one have experienced with 'kain yang meleret-leret'? what materials that u wear?

eh. eh. i forgot that last 2 years rate for my engagement dress is Rm70/- and surprise the price is fix until now. wink.

yours truly,


FY said...

simplicity is the best..go for timeless design..

kain ropol2 mmg comel n flowy je..

i think rm 600 for solemnization outfit with pretty detailings and nice cutting is good enough =)

Cik Zimie said...

i think kain chiffon sesuai utk dress meleret2.heh coz its lembut and flowy.

for solemnization, i just using chiffon beaded to made simple baju kurung moden.i think it cost me around RM600!!(oh my betul ke 600?? material 300++, tailor 300) mahal nye bila pikir2 balik!

Hunny Kitty said...

baju nkah ai tak sampai RM150 pun

Damiya Ahmad said...

kaen baju nikah i xboleh buat ropol2 sbb i beli ngam2 4 meter..i xtau mule2nyer..mencikkk....

sarahhernyzar said...

kain flowy chiffon silk is the best material. sb dia nmpk cam jatuh dan flowy. klu kain ropol camtu rasanya x yah ada leret pn dh nice. hehe. suka ur choice. simple is elegant :)

cik nurulain said...

mine below 400 rs nya. aah btul kata hernizar. kalau da ropol2 takyah leret2..nnt too much going on lak. ape pun, its ur choice ;)

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum FY.

yup. i will stick with the timeless design. anytime, anywhere i can wear it.

talking about detailing, i no need to spend for it cause mine is heavy beaded laces ord.

meaning, i can cut the cost. YEAY!

assalamualaikum zimie,

yup. i agree with you. chiffon is the best material so far.

i bought heavy beaded french laces ord. i think wanna buy some chiffon to mix and match them. wink.

assalamualaikum hunny kitty pink,

WOW! ouh-some! *awesome*

assalamualaikum damiya,

i bought ngam-ngam heavy beaded french laces ord.

however, i wanna buy some chiffon and will see la what my tailor can do it with that chiffon.


assalamualaikum sarah my soul sister,

chiffon silk. ok noted dear.

thanks dear. simplicity is the best. my all time fav. wink.

assalamualaikum cik nurulain,

thanks dear for your advices. i am really appreciate it. hugs.

Miss Shikin said...

hye dear!
chiffon is better i guess? boleh meleret2 sikit hee.
btw is nikah outfits is below 1k should be ok,beli kain+tailor lagi kan? or maybe nak letak beading sikit,simple yet glamour...wuuu i loike.. :D