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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{ wedding gifts for me/ (hantaran) }


my calculator was dead. i need to buy a new one. next month the diy projects will begin. so, lot of things to buy. at this time, the role of calculator is very important. not a mobile phone calculator.

last weekend i went to mobile phone shop. purposely to survey a calculator. ok, not funny!! i survey samsung galaxy tab and samsung galaxy 2 *coughs*

gadget is one of the gifts that i request to my sweetheart. one NOT two even not three. meaning either samsung galaxy tab or samsung galaxy 2. one only. huhu.

since i am a bride to be on budget, so do my groom to be. he said, find the cheapest item. dont waste money for such things. err.. i replied, excuse me.. i want one touch screen too. *tipu* i dream two touches screens. i want samsung galaxy tab and i want samsung galaxy 2. *tamak!*

i check the prices for 2 is Rm 4000! grr.. why so expensive pfftt! is better spend that money for life after marriages. but.. but.. those samsung gadget can be used after my wedding kan? kan? huhu..

recently, i was 'tamak'. i want this, i want that. huhu. besides gadget, i wish a new watch and ray ban glasses for the wedding gifts. i did survey the price and wallaaaaa.. almost Rm 1000!! <- why so expensive (for me) ~=___=~~~ *cried*

suddenly, my sweetheart come out with a brilliant idea. he said, why not we buy gifts for ourselves. he buy gifts for himself and i buy gifts for myself. i was.. WHAT??

my stuffs was very expensive. it is not fair. he tricks me (again).. fine, i think i need to revise my stuffs. huhuhu..

yours truly,


syazana said...

Dekat mines ada 1 kedai cermin mata yang sentiasa sale.serius branded stuff.Aku belikan husband aku Rayban tak sampai pun 450++ padahal harga sebenar adalah 800++.Dan kebanyakan kedai yang aku survey paling murah pun 600++ design yang sama.Dah berapa banyak aku save cost?lalalalala.Dekat bp mall ada 1 kedai jam juga yang kau boleh tawar gila2 dgn syarat bawak cash money.

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum gf,

serious?? ok, GOOD! anyway, thanks eh!