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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{ The Journey is Just Begin }

feels like i am not believe that we are engaged! seems like everything is very fast. ok, NOT EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

maybe because we are not like other couples. we rarely meet, on calls, sms-es, skype-ing and etc. however, we love the way we are sailing this journey. i personally dont mind. of cause, he will happy with my statement.


in this rest of my life, i never thought to live my life like what i did today. i am so grateful when at this age of 26 years 4 months and 13 days, i would say that i have good career, few years of industrial experiences, completed my post graduated studies, i have a lovely parents and a younger sister, i am engaged with my sweetheart, i have beautiful colleagues and good friends around me and the most important thing is i am healthy.

* thank God.

just because the journey is just begin.. there are loooooooooonngg way to go. yeah, i really mean it. faaaaaaaarrr faaaaaaaaaaaarr awaaaaaaayyy and loooooooooot of thingsssss will come ahead.

are you ready??

yours truly,

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