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Saturday, August 27, 2011

{ BIG surprise from my sweetheart }

yesterday is my last working day before i off for syawal holiday, JUST 1 week. still.. YEAY!!

my sweetheart told me that he will going home on saturday (suppose.. by today). fine. at the same time i promise to my mother that i will driving back to down south insya Allah after subuh. meaning, i cant see my sweetheart before this syawal U_U


i was telling him that, IF he wanted to see me come to down south and visit me. surprise.. he replied, positively. alhamdulillah..

yesterday, i text-ed my sweetheart as usual. he told me that he has BIG surprise for me. not AGAIN.. haha.

he told me that, 'abg otw'. i quickly called him asked, 'are you serious??'

things that i love about my sweetheart is.. he love to make surprise! *big grin* as far as i know him, he rarely text me when he is busy. once he done with his work, he will spend his time with me. listen to my stories, jokes, craps, etc etc w/out fails.

so, yesterday we had our precious time breakfast together. no shopping due to both of us is extremely tired with heavy traffic to gombak.

something funny about him is he would like to send me to down south. after that he plan to buy a ticket bus to kl. *lol. so sweet. i said, nvm. next year insya Allah we will married and of cause our 1st syawal is in my home town. la la la~

TQ, my sweetheart! you always brighten my day.

yours truly,


kaklong said...

so sweet!....semoga berbahagia kekal selamanya..amin! ;)

cik syahira (a soldier's fiancee) said...

assalamualaikum kak long,

*hugs you* TQ so much dear.