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Sunday, August 28, 2011

{ -2kilos }

i lost -2kilos only during this ramadhan month. at least.. i lost some weight rather than never. huhu.

i rarely lost my weight. i am the type of maintain slim but.. still i need to take extra care with what ever i eat.

such as.. during fasting month, i seldom take rice. as far as i can remember, i only eat rice 7 times in 26 days. in average, every 3~4 days i only eat once. the rest, i take macaroni or spaghetti or potatoes with extra vege. *big grin*

am i really on diet?? frankly speaking.. err.. not exactly but yes. a bit. just.. a bit. not much!

i afraid of being unhealthy. however, sometimes i eat unhealthy food too. haha. i dont have any concrete reasons why i control my meals.

some of my friends surprised when we met at the 1st time. they thought, i am chubby. yes, on my cheeks! not the rest.. i am small in size. *wink*

fine, this confession is sound silly but.. what i am afraid most is.. when i see at the weight scale, my weight turn 46kg! in fact, last 2008 my heaviest weight ever is 48kg and my cheeks is similar with 'kuih pau'!! damn..

actually, last month, my weight is 45.5kg. i afraid of the number will increase, so do i stop taking rice and changing my diet meals U_U

the result, after not taking much rice this month my current weight is 43kg. YEAY!! still.. i am normal. urm.. but.. but.. good bye healthy food because syawal celebration is around the corner come with unhealthy foods and junks. pfftt..

yours truly,


kaklong said...

mak oiiii...ringan nyer cik syahira ni...jeles nyer kak long..

kak long nyer misi belum lagi ni..adoi!

cik syahira (a soldier's fiancee) said...

assalamualaikum kak long,

hikhik. yes, i am.

please eat healthy food and drink lot of plain water every day.

try to avoid junk food except this upcoming Hari Raya. haha.