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Sunday, July 31, 2011

maybe this is our last Ramadhan as a..

1st of all, Happy Ramadhan month girlsss. i am so grateful because this is my 4th year celebrating Ramadhan with my sweetheart. alhamdulillah.

hence we are engaged, of cause life is different. i am no longer one single lady, i am engaged with my sweetheart. i am holding a huge responsibility on me, for sure. i have 2 families to take care and more siblings to cheer up my life. it's YEAY!

hey, dont worry. i am still the same. i am one funny c/w annoying elder sister packages to my younger sister. i know it! some of younger sister will afraid if her elder sister will change once her status changed.

i mean, when i was young i dislike when one of my fav aunt get married cause she is totally changed. she doesnt want to make friend with me any more. i dislike the fact that we is not like before. sigh.

what ever it is, i promise to myself i will always be like what i am before. i believe, my close friends know me very well that i always like before. i advice to myself, no matter where i go/ what i do i must stay down to earth, respect people who respect themselves 1st etc etc. *why i need to write all these bhaha!* *i am lost*

on the right track.. fine, maybe this is our last Ramadhan as a single (kot) due to our 1st plan we will get married next year (2012) before next Ramadhan. hihi. will see.

in no matter what, i always praying for Allah's blessings to us. may this journey towards marriage is smooth. insya Allah. amin.

progress so far, zero except:

- materials for solemnization and sword bearer ceremony bought from *you know where*
-1 gift for me is ready what else..
- ouh materials for family uniform is ready except parents and younger sister
-urm.. i think that's all (kot).

by the way, mother and i was planning to visit the nearest jewelry boutique in hometown to survey and book (if possible) a bracelet for 'sesi batal air sembahyang'. must be fun! and money is fly.


yours truly,


Cik Lijah said...

my last ramadhan as anak dara too...ngeh3....

ok, dear....sama2 menyambut ramadhan dgn ibadah & pengertian...(^^)

minta maaf ye kalo ade tersilap tutur bahasa...

anaztasias nora aira said...

money fly and can't landing hihe

Fariza said...

Salam ramadhan too.
tanggungjawab makin berat kan akan datang.
InsyaAllah berjaya diatasi. :)

adnil linda said... ramadhan,da kene msak plak tok sahur...huhuhu