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Sunday, July 10, 2011

i need your help.

i am still not sure where to start and what to buy 1st. there are lot of things mingles around in my mind. what should i do 1st. sigh.

i understand that 1 year ++ to go to wedding days but.. hey, you know me. i love planning ahead. preparing a proposal is my passion. la la la.

ouh, i am still in the process of preparing a long checklist for our wedding. what ever it is, every months i promise to myself to save Rm 1K just for wedding and life after marriage. wink.

well, this is part of important thing that usually most of b2b tend to forget.. SAVING for future. at least, i have RM 12K plus for wedding preparation such as buy gifts for him, tailor fees, make up fees, wedding dais and canopy deco, top up for house new deco, door gifts, invitation cards, OP and OV fees, etc etc excluded catering.

at the end of the day i would not touch the 'duit hantaran'. YEAY!!

alhamdulillah, i am so grateful with this 'rezki' (i mean my new job!) and insya Allah, i will set in my mind to save RM 1K every months. sure, i will!

yours truly,

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~ mizzAmy ~ said...

chaiyok!! dulu pun i saving rm1k permonth. now, rm1k permonth duk perabis shopping brg mekap plak. lol...