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Thursday, June 09, 2011

remember these..

this is a general statement. different people have different challenges upon tying the knots.


as per my previous story, i cant reached my sweetheart at all. remember, couple of days ahead we will tying the knots. there are lot of things to share and discuss. hurm.

i tried for so many times. error. error. huhu. so sad.

i thought, oh.. this is part of challenges maybe. fine. suddenly..


my phone was ringing! OMG, it was him!! yeay!! it was him!! i cant believe it!! oh, i miss him so much!! haha.. *excited!*

actually.. while i was trying to contact him, he was actually contact me too. that's why la i cant reached him. ngee..

seriously, i thought he is away or busy or forgot to charge his hp. huhu. i told him and he laughed at me. ngee.. i am worried ok. he told me to dont think negative about him. he advices me to ignore all sort of challenges or negative vibes and always praying the best for us.

insya Allah, my darling sweetheart ^____~


stop thinking on negative vibes. stop telling me about all sort of challenges cause you know my friends.. being a military girlfriend is not easy. once you said, I DO to him meaning that challenges is ready for you.

p/s: girls.. 2 days left. hihi

yours truly,


didi said...

seronoknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!lagi 2 hari. i nie tak sbr nak tunang. pasal i nak cutiiiiiiiiiiiii!hahahah
busan kot keje. OMG!tahniah in adfvanceee!

Illi Hzbull said...

salam dear,
hope everything turns out well for u~