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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lyana Mk, my primary school classmate

i am not good in reviewing about others. but, for you Lyana Mk i try my best. hihi..

saturday, June 4th i have 4 weddings (supposedly) however due to low blood pressure i only attend 3 weddings. huhu..

fyi, Lyana Mk is my classmate when we were 9 - 12. i know her since zaman hingusan and we shared a lot of memories during primary school. hihi. esp during extra classes we went to kedai jajan in front of school, cycling bicycles during a gap between 2 classes, i think she join this too.. main kejar-kejar atas bench di kantin! during night classes. haha..

hugs you, Lyana Mk.. now, this is my short and simple review on your beautiful wedding:

this is my 1st time going to her house. i think about 15 mins from my home sweet home. i could say that, it was not difficult to find her house. the idea of hanging buntings is great!

since i am driving to her house, 1st thing that i set in my mind is searching for this..

her bright background, larger picture and clear font is very important for 1st time like me.

then, i am walking to her house enjoy the scenery of oil palms. green. fresh. sunny. penat juga catwalk. then, i found this..

a guest book, simple yet sweet. i heart her pre wedding pic. psst.. 'na, by the way i sign in your guest book!!' *excited*

next.. is makan time! oh, before that i was in Table 13!! this is her centerpiece. a pre wedding pic (again). how many pics daaaaa.. haha!

i have no complains with the food. my fav is crunchy fried chicken. terbaikkkk!! i tell you.. sorry, no pics cause i am hungry. haha..

nom.. nom.. enjoy the delicious of crunchy fried chicken.

where is the bride and groom???

here you are presenting newly wedding, Lyana Mk and Faizol. *cough* sorry this is my best candid pic of them. pink-purple beautiful dais..

i love everything on her. beautiful make up, beautiful dress, beautiful maid of honnor (haha! she's my childhood friends too) eh.. 'na.. i love you.. good job babe!!'

in fact, i wont believe myself.. things that i hard to explain here is..

i was tepung tawar the bride and groom. funny me. this is my 2nd times in life ok. i was thinking that, ambil berkat Lyana Mk. ngee.. *shy* but, worth it la cause i got this..

special from Lyana Mk. wink. that ferrero rocher. hihi.

thank you so much Lyana Mk and family. i enjoy the food of cause. congratulations darling! wishing you all happily ever after. amin.

ok, that's all. hihi.

p/s: i told you, i am not good in reviewing about others. i hope you like it Lyana Mk a.k.a Nana K.

yours truly,


Hidayati Farhan said...

wahhh, suka part guestbook deco. lucky u dpt attend syira. huuuu

zimie said...

hoho oo syira dengan lyana schoolmate rupanya.bestkan.mesti dapat jumpe ramai kawan² sekolah.btw nice review!! dapat la cuci mata. hehe