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Thursday, June 02, 2011

i think, stress is in the air

hurm.. i cant imagine how brides out there doing their wedding preparations. i myself cant take this anymore. i mean, i was preparing for the door gifts and .. the amount is less than 200 but .. it was tiring. i swear!

i felt the whole body is aching. huhu.

not speaking about how my room is look like, this whole week, i sleep with artificial flowers, tray covers, basket, and more. mind you, it is not funny.

*why so serious*

ok. chill syahira, chill! actually, i am doing all this with mother. just 2 of us. we are running out of time. i must settle this part before June 4th, 2011.

wait.. not just the door gifts. everything must be settle before June 4th because i will going home. by June 10th, after office hour i will drive to down south and..

last minutes touch up for tomorrow event.

since no body at home except father and mother, thus i must work extremely hard to help them doing the preparation. pity them. none of us is around. my younger sister told us that she gotta replacement class on June 10th at 3-5pm. on the other hand, i expect to arrive home around 10pm.


girls.. i cant imagine how my wedding preparations could be. just 4 of us.. sure, i dont have much rest. in fact, we dont have much rest. huhu.


yours truly,


bahIRAh said...

sabar dear..setiap ape yg kite buat sometimes kene sacrifice sikit.. insyaallah semua akan turn out well for u..

Syima Syaz said...

ok lah tu u atleast ada ur mum blh tolong...kita dulu sorang2 tau.nasib ada si dia yang baik hati peneman ke mana-mana mencari barang.tapi kalau kat rumah, buat sorang2...
tapi... i swear... walaupun penat... bila sampai masanya... insyaallah rasa happy tgk hasil tangan sendiri...
chill ok...