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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 weeks ++

my life is totally change. in past few weeks i rent to new house, received better job offer and work at new place, different environments, new colleagues, better life and alhamdulillah now i am a fiancee to my sweetheart.

i believe, this is rezki from Allah because.. has written up there this is Allah's gifts for us towards preparation for our marriage. insya Allah.

earn more money, better living and etc is not to spend for enjoy but.. i need to save A LOT for preparation for wedding (of cause), honeymoon eh! and better future. hihi.


i dont feeling to upload pics on the engagement any more, cause i think that's enough (kot). will patiently waiting for the official version later.

other than that, oh i wish to have more time to update more stories but the internet connection in office blocked fb, blogspot and i think any social network. pfft.

i need to do something such as.. edit the setting so i can post updates via email. hihi. i think there is the ways to do so. aggaga.. better i check the setting 1st!

regarding on the wedding preparation, yeah my fpil has inform us the date. surprise!! but mother proposed earlier than their date. in conjunction of it, i will discuss with my sweetheart about that matter.

speaking about the preparation.. still zero BUT girls.. i found few interesting places to spend such as SSF (near by my office), artificial suppliers (on my way to my office) and 1 kedai jajan in Sg. Buloh which is OMG, damn cheap!


yours truly,

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Khumaera Ismail aka Habibi Hamid said...

alhamdulillah..syukur.tak sbr nak tgk ur theme wedding yg orange tu..tak pernah nmpk lagi.. =)