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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

majlis cukur jambul or majlis pertunangan???

dear diary,

i was thinking that baby pink is sweet. suitable for my engagement but.. when i see this pic, i was like.. 'eh, ni majlis cukur jambul ke majlis pertunangan???' haha.

excuse me, please.

i bought this at Ayer Hitam. mother used her bargain skill and please dont asked me how much is this. i dont know.

next phase are..

store them & wait until Thursday 09/06/11 for muffins delivery and etc. nyum. nyum.

p/s: the door gift thingy is 85% complete.

yours truly,


~ NANA ~ said...

mmg sgt comel...tak mcm majlis cukur jambul la...hihihi

iedayah said...

wa..byk da settle.da blh proceed ke nxt step plak ni syahira..huhuhu..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

tak paham. why mcm majlis cukur jambul plak?

Miss Sunshine said...

taklah... tak mcm majlis cukur jambul pun... sweet je..

lovelyadibah said...

mcm2..aku pun confius mcm amy gak..HAHA..ada kaitan dgn baby shower k??

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum nana,

TQ dear.

assalamualaikum iedayah,

yups. not much times left. tik! tok! tik! tok!

assalamualaikum amy,

ahhaha. because there are baby pink in color. so it looks alike majlis cukur jambul event for baby girl. wink.

assalamualaikum MS,

thanks dear. i obsessed with pink!

assalamualaikum dba,

sorry, makes you confused. i just wonder about baby pink in color. as sweet as majlis cukur jambul (=

Cik Deby said...

sweet je. xla, org skrg wat majlis cukur jambul tampal gambar baby skali. hihi

but seriously, pink is sweet. manis je, org pon akn pk, manis je anak dara ni mase u tunang nti. hihi.

oh, i tagged u tau. nti tgk ye

zimie said...

mestila majlis pertunangan 85% done tu. door gift saya baru 40% done.hehe