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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

it is empty

yeah.. i am feeling empty at the moment i write this entry. i am not saying that i am not happy, i just dont feel that i will engage soon.

haha.. i am no longer young in this age but erm.. maybe the excited feeling has gone blown by the wind. ok, nuts!

i have a dream. i dream to marry my future husband when i turn 25. however, Allah has written better for me. 25 is not a perfect time for me to marry cause i struggled in career path and final year study.


i graduated in post graduate study at the age of 25! see.. Allah is fair to us. i didnt receive what i wish but i managed to have something better for my future undertakings. TQ, Allah.

few of my friends and readers asked me, about my feelings. currently, it is empty. i dont know what to describe. i am not {stressful, excited, sad, happy} yet. i just have body aches due to help my parents (read as 3 of us) work together cleaning the whole house in and out!

luckily, it was raining. we just enjoy the moment we spend together cause this is our 1st time (read as 3 of us) in order to welcome our guest next week. hihi.

wait, is it normal to have this kind of feeling.



yours truly,

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