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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Morning!

dear diary,

from my observation.. (eh suddenly.. haha!)

fine, this is the introduction.. couple of days ago, is auntie no.9's wedding. my cousins and i saw a 'kan-cheong event' because this is a wedding family after 10 years. what is your expectations kan?

we thought that..

1. arent easy to handle creamy cupcakes. such as hold them carefully, storage in fridge, arrange them accordingly, need some one to in charge only for this and ahh.. i would prefer muffins or fondant cupcakes (but pricey laa..)

2. master plan was very important. none brief us about the flow of event, distribution of works and details in every task. sigh. auntie no. 3 complains that she handle the vip table alone, auntie no. 9 said few of her friends didnt received door gifts, uncles inform that a night before there are several raw items is not enough =____=, my part is i cant find out where are folks and spoon!

3. i am sorry to say this, a maid of honor supposed prepare her task earlier. at least, she should know what is her responsibility. hurm.

4. thing that i frustrated (on behalf of auntie no. 9) is kain-baju ord given few months before to ensure all of aunts wearing the same outfit but.. still one and two are not wearing it. sigh.

5. i think more.. but then there are included to no. 2. huhu.

after the event i heard few of them said, next event (which is mine) must learn from the past. never did the same mistakes. insya Allah, i try my best.

well you know, doing proposal or planning is my passion. ahhhaha! never blaming me if i give you an outline which is very details.. you can say my expectations is high but.. nvm. as long as everyone is on the right track there is no probs la.


wait till i am ready to share the outline ya. wink.

p/s: how many days left? i am lazy to count. :P

yours truly,


YuNa said...

hehe.. kamu mmg kena ada detail mcmtu.. dulu kite sib abang kite buatkan.. so sume oragn jelas tugas masing2 ;D siap meeting2 lg.. 2,3 week b4...almaklumla cikgu.. da biasa buat macamtu.. haha..

zimie said...

memang details la kamu ni.saya pun macam dah TERfollow gaya kamu ni.hihi.kadang2 termeeting pada waktu dan tempat yang salah! tak pepasal kena marah dengan mak. hua hua