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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

916 gold or 750 gold. what will you say?

dear diary,

i have been preparing this entry since yesterday. by hook or by crook it must be publish by today. full stop.

regarding on the signature ring issue, alhamdulillah the problem has been solved. i found my size, it can be 10 and 11. haha. there are 2 possibilities. it depends on the design. if the design is huge, the SA recommend me size 11 but if the design is thin he said look for 10. ok, noted.

however, i still confused about something.

i am afraid to say that, i do prefer yellow gold compare to white gold. to be specific is 916 gold not 750 gold because of the high value itself.

i was doing a survey, there are less choices of 916 gold rings compares to 750 gold rings. due to the value itself, meaning my choices are also limited. fyi, i only request him for A RING just to cut the cost and i dislike too many rings in my fingers.

now, i confused..

either requesting my sweetheart to buy me simple, plain but high value of 916 gold ring OR fancy design come with stones of 750 gold rings.

well, i know that of cause i wont selling the signature ring but who will say NO to valuable ring (916 gold prices is always higher than 750 gold prices) with high sentimental value?

if i ask mother, sure she will say 'GO FOR DIAMOND RING not zircon stones.' huhu. talking about the budget, my sweetheart dont have any issue cause he did allocated it ord.

urm, this is just an engagement so i will say NO to diamond ring 1st cause i am looking forward for 916 gold ring. my sweetheart, please note this.

well, he knows me well. the design will be SURPRISE!

p/s: open to my readers, what will you say? 916 or 750 or white gold?

p/s/s: my pleasure to read your comments. please, no afraid to share with cause i dont bite. trust me. i will reply you all later. hugs.

yours truly,


Edura Hanum said...

prefer 916

zimie said...

i didnt know they have differences between 916 gold and 750 gold. hehe. tapi macam zimie memang ambil jenis takde batu tu. yang berat sikit dan padat tu. tapi atas tu ada la design2 sikit. adakah ini yang dikatakan 916 gold? confused.

plain jane said...

916 too... :)

r3bL said...

saya pun prefer 916 juga.
selalunya cincin yg ada diamonds, mesti 750. 750 kuat utk pegang diamonds. 750 juga ada gold color and white color. :)
pernah dgr rose gold? rose gold pun comei jugak.. :)

so klu u prefer gold color, tapi diamonds, choose 750 gold color + diamonds.

klu prefer 916 gold, kat habib ada bnyk jual cincin batu zircon atau yg takde batu tp rekaan pon not bad.

just to share. mcm saya punya cincin risik, dia 916. tapi disalut emas putih. the inner part is all yellow gold. just the outer part is white gold.
utk cincin tunang plak, i chose, 750 + diamond (kecik je..) ada combination color white and yellow gold. and utk batal air sembahyang, i chose 916 yellow + white gold bracelet. :)
sekali tapau sume..hehehe.. just for the share. bukan utk niat menunjuk k.. :)

i pon tak fhm kenapa selalunya org tua/some ppl yg tak prefer white gold. for me as long as it is 916, it is 916 regardless of white or yellow or rose gold. :)

happy preparing. sorry komen terpanjang plak. been ur silent reader for quite some time.

Firdani said...

vote for 916 :)

Two Souls With A Single Thought said...

if you want a simple ring (cincin belah rotan) then go for 916 but if you fancy ring with rock, go with 750.

750 gold mmg cincin berbatu, 916 gold selalunya cincin belah rotan, dia lembut dan x berbatu.

depends on you girl which one you prefer. for me, i prefer yellow gold (wedding band/diamond ring) dr white gold sbb it looks more classic to me :)

K.I.N.A said...

916 & white gold..hehe..sebab cincin risik kina 916, tunang white gold..nikah maybe xd cincin..hehe

Cik Belle said...

i prefer yellow gold. for bracelet ke, beli la 916. huahuahua. more value. for ring, i prefer ada batu, so i opt for 750, lagi kuat pegang batu tu.. tak perlu rasa takut if batu jatuh ke ape..

i punya cincin tunang, yellow gold, 916 with diamond, serius, i takut sangat batu tu jatuh, until now i tak pakai.. sayang kan?

♥naematulsaadahismail♥ said...

dear syira...
cincin tunangnaem 916.
cincin kawin xperasan pn 750.
yerp betul emas750 lagikuat utk ikat batu.sbb 916 emas dia lembut.evenemas750 sedikit murah.
tapi for me, it isnt a matter.sebab nak pakai tubukan utk trade in atau apa. apa pun..dedua tu lepas polish sama je kilatnya.. hehe..