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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

once i turn 26 years young

dear diary,

ding! dong! i turn 26 years young last sunday. it's elya's wedding day and a day where brides and brides to be united (again).

i am so excited because my sweetheart promise to accompany me there. YEAY!! mind you, we rarely get this opportunity due to his timetable/ workloads.

around 1pm we arrived at area Bukit Jalil. we went to Carrefour to buy something for elya and hubby. my sweetheart suggested this but i would prefer that. after bla bla, we end up bought something pink with orange wrap. ehem..

that's our trademark. something with pink and orange..

the drama began with we went to their customer service center. there's been very long long queue to wrap the gift.. there are 3 of us! very very long is it.

we were taking nearly 30mins to wait for our turn just to wrap it. i told my sweetheart that i can do it by myself. he replied, let the person incharge did it. ok, fine.

15 mins later, i told him time is running out! he said, be patient.

tell me. tell me. how could i stand there, looking at the gift untouched due to there are busy with anything else. untouched!!

i was ok/ positive if there are busy wrapping other gifts but hell-NO! there's no other gifts on the counter. well, you wanna see how customer is right? let me show you!

my blood rise up! one last time, i told him that i cant see it. i cant wait any more. it's reached my limit! i was in hurry.. arghh!

i dont know why la my sweetheart can be as calm as like that seeing the unprofessional staff dealing with his/her task. besides, i have turn my warning sign..

after 30mins..

i walk to the counter and wrap it myself. one of the staff come to me and lend me his/ her hands to help me. what?? he/ she should do it 30mins before.. not by the time i turn my bride-zilla mode! arghh..

luckily i am still rasional, i said NO THANKS. I AM IN HURRY.. she/he keeps apologized and wanted to help me. psst.. i am shaking cause i am too mad!

i just said, I AM IN HURRY. I AM IN HURRY to him/ her. yesss, free show in the customer service center. damn it!

know what, it takes me less than 3 mins to wrap it! ish.. hurm. before i left the counter, i said THANK YOU VERY MUCHHHHHHHHH with my deepest meaning.

thank you so much cause make us late to elya's wedding. sigh. i pass the gift to my sweetheart and walk away..


my sweetheart has tried his best to cheer me up. hurm. he told me this is his 1st time see me like that. well, i am not the one who likes to bad mood/ mood swing/ hot temper. it's hard to see me turn mad. but.. once you try me i'll show you my other half of me. haha!

ok, then we went to elya's wedding. i can see the signboard clearly. it was very helpful. kudos, dear!

alhamdulillah, everything after that was very smooth. we're easily found the parking, i sign in her guest book, met her family and the food is delicious..

things that makes me difficult is my sweetheart dont know much about bride to be blogger. in fact he has zero knowledge about it. mind you, he never read my blog and i never share my link to him too. haha.

i was so shy to snap pics. i wish to snap everything from the signboard, entrance, parking areas, guest book corner, the hanging white paper lantern, the table decor, the foods, the favors, the aisle, the crowd, the brides and bride to be, the GORGEOUS elya and husband with royal blue songket (damn gorgeous!), the cake and the dais..

every single thing.. ahhh. blame my sweetheart.. huhu.

i am glad to see lyana mk, nadya zahid (she looks alike my friends that's why i easily recognized her), dba, yumie, hana, jaja, eila pinky, kina, acik, lunda, raden with the longest name ever haha, from far i saw yanie, what else eh.. please let me know k.

over all, i love to see you all! xoxo.

dear elya and hubby, wishing you very all the best. may this marriages lives happily ever after last forever until in Jannah..


yours truly,


Syima Syaz said...

tak dapat datang (again) sbb sakit...continue sakit sampai hari ni...=(

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum syima,

get well soon dear. hugs you.