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Monday, March 14, 2011

some (general) tips to buy curtains

dear diary,

yesterday, mother and i went to Nagoya Textiles (mother all time fav) to buy curtain materials. the best thing about shopping with mother is she has the power of great bargainer! haha!!

since mother will going to do the diy project, i let her choose the design and colors. excuse me, this time it is out of my theme cause it is referring to mother fav colors. nice! as long as she is happy, i am happy too.

before i go further, i would like to share some (general) tips to buy curtains:

1. measure the high and length of your window.
2. add some inches on each high and length as for finishing part of curtains/ ask SA/ tailor/ measure your existing curtains esp at the top and bottom (back side).
3. choose the design of curtains.
4. add some inches depends on the design (opt).
5. choose colors combination and study with the design either it is suitable or not (important!).
6. allocate the budget.
7. survey and/ or buy the materials according to the budget

in my case, mother has stick with her fav colors and budget, RM4-5/m only. after 1,2,3,4,5 rounds finally..

i confused, which design is the best.

what you say?

i like this accessories.

how does it looks alike. wait until 11.06.11. wink.

last but not least, this are what we spend last weekend:

maroon color curtain - Rm 3.80 x 3m = Rm 11.40
off white color curtain - Rm 4.80 x 3m = Rm 14.40
tailor fees (mother) - hugs and kisses only. hihi.
total damage are Rm 25.80

p/s: i am not buying that accessories yet cause i am looking for various shape in Semua House (if any).

yours truly,


Syima Syaz said...

2 tahun lepas, mak hantar jahit langsir kat kwn dia..(mak pandai jahit langsir tapi sbb dia M... so dia upah saja).. cuma 2 tingkap besar (ada 4 panel for both).. kawan itu charge RM500...
kami anak-anak semua benggang.. kesian dgn mak yang selalu kena dgn kwn.. nak tak nak, kami bayar jugak lah!
sampai skrg dia tak tukar lagi langsir baru.kesian pulak dia....

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum syima,

phew. sounds expensive! just imagine, we have 3 panels x 4windows + sliding doors, 2 arches and 2 doors at living room >_<"

my mother send to tailor just for upper part such as scallop and etc. the rest, she did it herself.

next year, insya Allah before my wedding she suggested to buy new curtains. lot of $$ to spend. huhu

yaya said...

Nagoya is my fav place to hangout!

~ NANA ~ said... mom jual langsir...murah2 n cantek2 if u nak beli...kekekeke