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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Gratitude List

dear diary,

"did you know that creating gratitude list is one of the key ingredients used in Law of Attraction? it can be powerful stuff! it's one of the easiest way to attract more abundance into your life now.

the most important benefit of this exercise is the powerful way in which it can be shift your doom and gloom perspective immediately to one where you begin to see all the abundance that's already in your life. it's certainly to uplift your spirit!"

source: ezinearticles

and this is My Gratitude List:

1. 1st and foremost alhamdulillah, when i wake up this morning i am still breathing as usual.

2. i live in good health, happy family and far from hectic life.

3. i have a protective father and mother who will always teach me lesson learns everyday, complains when i wake up late or not wash my car, pursue me to study (again) and forget that i will going to marry next year. for the rest of my life, i love them to the max!

4. i have a lil sister who behave like sister no. 1 cause she looks matured than me even we are 6 years different. huhu.

5. i have my sweetheart who save my life, be with me in ups and downs, always appreciate me, like my homemade cooking even sometimes it doesnt taste good but still asked for more (huhu), proposed me to be his wife and mother to his child and the most important thing is 'accept me as what ever i am'.

6. i have 12 years old small car, my 1st asset. hihi. i am still taking good care of 'her'.

7. i am not an excellent student in school or university, just an average but i am glad that i successfully graduated from Msc when i was 25. alhamdulillah.

8. i am not a famous person who have thousands friends in fb list, twitter and blog followers, thousands viewers in blog and etc but i am happy cause i have circle of friends (yes, you are who reading this is my friends too) who are close, kind heart and shines like a star.

9. alhamdulillah, even i am jobless i am grateful cause father and mother support me without fails. huhu. father paid my bills and other expenses.

10. every morning i can hear birds chirping outside my window. so close to the nature. it makes me feel so good everyday.

11. i know how to cook and bake. none is diarrhea yet!

12. i have no problems in long distant relationship, alhamdulillah.

13. i proud being a soldier's girlfriend cause i respect them. hello, they are protecting this country. they are different, tough and rough outside but romantic inside. eh.

14. i have a blog, readers and silent readers. that's a cute fact to gratitude!

15. Thank you, Allah cause the preparation for my engagement so far is doing smooth.

this gratitude list been made cause next month i will celebrate my birthday. YEAY!! ehem.. so, i prepare the list to uplift my spirit. wink.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

yg no 11 tuh buat saya nak nangis. heheheh.. me don't know how to cook. pathetic kan? T___T

Ainee Cumi said...

Kalau ada butang Like ni dah lama tekan Like dah ni. I LIKE!!

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum amy,

no worries dear. just fully utilize the technology. google for recipes and all time fav is non sticky pan.

haha. it save me a lot!

assalamualaikum ainee,

Xoxo. thanks dear.. *blushing