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Monday, March 21, 2011

the explainations why we change the time to morning session

dear diary,

hey, it's me. i am back! i have lot of story to share about the preparation thingy. well, let me start with this 1st.

we agree to change the time from after zuhur around 2.00pm to 1130 am due to father concern with the time management during the discussion, lunch hour and prayer time.

previously, i dont have much idea how there are related and affected but once i experienced it, i realized that proper TIME MANAGEMENT was very important!

such as in my case..

last Feb Mission, supposed it started after zuhur. however, due to uncertainties it turns a bit 'kelam kabut' but still under control. end up everyone have their lunch at 2.00pm ++ which is late and discussion started right after lunch.

after bla bla, around 3.00pm family members take turn for prayer and the discussion continued until tea break around 4.00pm. mind you, this is the 1st time for both families.

insya Allah, upcoming events we did learn from the previous experiences.

before i signing out, there is 1 story i learn from one of my friend's engagement:

supposed her engagement start on 2.30pm (consider after zuhur). because she is too busy, she forgot to call and follow up his bf. 1hour later, his bf and his family not arrived yet. family and friends been waiting with hungry stomaches =___=

nearly 4pm they arrived due to traffic jam, lost amd etc etc. alhamdulillah the discussion went smooth and 430pm all of us had our late lunch! sob.

p/s: lesson learn is, PLAN. PLAN.PLAN. very well

yours truly,

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~ NANA ~ said...

bagus la if dah plan betol2 :)