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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bunga Reben, Sin Yin and Yen Riben

dear diary,

yesterday i went to 3 different shops to buy stuffs for my diy projects;

1. hand bouquet
2. gifts for him decorations

cut the craps, i went to Bunga Reben at Menara City One (beside Semua House) to search for crepe paper, ribbons, floral tape and artificial flowers.

personally, the price at Bunga Reben are still reasonable for an instant,


floral tape: Rm 1.20 x 2
ribbons: Rm 1.10 x 2
crepe paper: RM 0.50 x 1
total: Rm 5.10


floral tape: Rm 1.00 x 2
ribbons: Rm 1.00 x 2
crepe paper: Rm 0.40 x 1
total: Rm 4.40

thus, OK la kan. haha.

then, i went to Sin Yin inside Semua House to search for artificial flowers. i spend nearly 2 hours just to search for 4 bouquet of off white artificial flowers that suitable to match with my orange artificial flowers =___=

i like Sin Yin because there are lot of accessories for gifts decorations from ribbons, artificial flowers, baskets and etc. but, the price for artificial flowers is fix.

luckily i did the checklist things to buy ! haha.

off white ranunculus bush: Rm 6.30 x 4
total: Rm 25.20

i wish to settle everything there, but i cant found my baby breath artificial flowers and hand bouquet yet then i went to Yen Riben.

the best thing that i found there is sponge flowers! it's a big YEAY!!

a bouquet of baby breath: Rm 10.90
a bouquet of sponge flowers (10 sticks): Rm 10.90
total: Rm 21.80

after discounted, Rm 21.00

thus, total damage is Rm 50.60 ehem.. my target is Rm 50.00 only >__<" nvm.

in fact, yesterday i received sms from mother remind me to buy the artificial flowers cause we are running out of time due to hectic April-May is around the corner. huhu.

ai! ai! mother.

p/s: ahh! i am not buying the 'pemotong bunga plastik' yet. huhu.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

bagus-bagus. still in bajet jugak tuh dear. lari sen-sen je. hehehe... =P

Syima Syaz said...

last weekend baru je pegi sana.1st time pergi... rasa mcm menyesal masa e-day hari tu tak survey btl2 sbb terbeli kat kedai yang mahal giles.....!!!!
this time dah tau dah...hehe

~ NANA ~ said...

wah...lps ni blh la sibuk2 utk hias pulak kan? hehe

jooleata said...

hi syahira,

you can just use plier, or pemotong dawai instead for buying new one, using a scissor can cause damage of your sciccors eventho its heavy-duty type.