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Friday, March 04, 2011

99 days left

dear diary,

see.. no longer 123 days to go.

it 'suddenly' xx days left. haha. since this is just an engagement, i would say i dont have any feelings at all. i just enjoy planning and preparing! heh..

not exactly dont have any feelings la but by this moment i was excited and cant wait for my next trip to Bandung (again). YEAY!!

this morning i visited her blog and wonder that i am not preparing anything yet for my next trip. neither survey for current money exchanges rate nor shopping checklist.

ok. ok..

let's doing some exercise this morning. simply write what ever i wish for Bandung trip:

1. attire for khatam al-quran
2. attire for solemnization
3. attire for reception in down south Johore
4. attire for parents, lil sister, granma and grandpa, 9 aunties, maid of honour and 4 bridesmaid
5. wedding shoes
6. wedding gifts
7. caftans, scarfs, shopping at rumah mode (must!)
8. survey for wedding cards

ehem. meaning, this trip is exclusively for wedding preparation hunting. know what, my sweetheart wish to join me but he cant. then, he sponsored his younger sister to survey and buy something for his side.

woot! woot!

yours truly,

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elle's laaa~ said...

hehehe, dah tak lame dah tuu .. :))