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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2-3 months before engaged

dear diary,

this is a honeymoon time.. do nothing and chill out!! ONLY IF you want to be such a bridezilla. haha. no lah, i am just kidding!

since i am not complete the checklist of 3-4 months before engaged yet, so my 1st step is to complete the 3-4 months before engaged checklist and 2nd step is to re-schedule the diy thingy projects.

yeah.. just 2 easy steps..

1) complete 3-4 months checklist 1st

2) re-schedule the diy thingy projects

sounds easy, but please make sure you are discipline enough to do it! any delay will make you and your pockets suffer at the end of the day. thus, nothing wrong to plan everything earlier once you confirm with the date.


1) complete 3-4 months checklist 1st

in previous checklist we didnt buy the ring yet cause my sweetheart is still at Kuantan for attending military training until May 2011. my sweetheart, please come home this week!!! then, the make up artist of the day is still 50-50 cause my 1st choice is planning to deliver her baby on June 2011 T_T

thus, the solution is pending (again) until further notice.

2) re-schedule the diy thingy projects

there are 6 items to diy (so far)

hand bouquet - 2 days before
alas dulang - 2-3 months before
gifts decorations - 2 -3 months before
mini dais - 2-3 months before
buffet stations decorations - 2 days before
door gifts - 2 days before

thus, the solution is to concentrate to alas dulang, gifts decorations and mini dais 1st.

however, recently i am not in the mood of doing such things. i do prefer job hunting 1st, auntie no.9's engagement and planning for Bandung trip next month.

yours truly,

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~ mizzAmy ~ said...

dup-dap-dup-dap. hehehehe...