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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia at SACC - wedding dress 2


good morning buddies!

alhamdulillah.. i is back. thank you so much to my new followers (well, you know who you are). i will going to visit you soon and say hi hi. insya Allah.

this morning i would like to share another 2 pics of wedding dress during the wedding exhibition last weekend. mind you, i lost count who is the designer (again). i wish my buddies out there can help me out. thanks!

this is the full view of white wedding dress design by _________(help, please..)

i like this wedding dress because of THE DESIGN. i is praying hard that this design is suitable for my height, 153cm and weight, 44kilos. personally, i heart the 'ropol-ropol' cause it is so sweet and manage to cover my cute tummy =__= esp when i catwalk. heu. heu.

spot at the bottom of this dress. this is another element that i wish for my wedding dress next year. insya Allah. since it will be tailor made, i think it is easier for her to make it perfectly. simply 'jahit tepi' i think.. nvm, will ask my tailor about it later. hihi

next part is ..

am i tell you that i LOVE pearls beaded? here you are. i cant take my eyes away of this. omg! it's a beautiful art. know what, i found 4m heavy beaded pearls with 8m satin lining including groom's attire cost RM 1250 in malaysia!

in this case, the best is just diy beading on my wedding dress (if any).

so far, i have 2 wedding dress ideas that i think there are simple, practical to wear after my wedding event and ease for my tailor to sew for my dreams wedding dress. wink.

girls. see.. this is my main intention to this exhibition. this is one of my way on how to study/ search info from the professional. i am searching for ideas, information and insya Allah will going to mix and match/ experience experiment them by referring to rule no. 54 practical and economic used.

i open my comment box for any suggestions, advices and etc. fill free k.

p/s: syima syaz, if i know you went to this exhibition last sunday, sure will going to text you and meet you some where. i wish to see all of you.

yours truly,


iLi said...

yang,im admire this design too.. but sometimes i mcm terfikir ropol2 yang dekat bahagian perut tu x mcm looks like org mengandung ke?? sbb nnti bila berjalan die akn kembang kan?
if happen the dress wedding mcm A shape dress n the beadings dekat dada or waist line ke... ok x u rasa?
i pg pameran pengantin tu jgk to survey the price if nak buat baju, OMG!! better mix and match their ideas and pg tailor sendiri.. much more cheaperrrr kot. hihii

Rilla said...

Dear, kita samalah. Rilla pun 155cm 43kg. Rilla rasa tak sesuai baju empire waist macam ni kalau kat petite brides macam kita. Ropol-ropol tu kena start kat pinggang. Nak pakai cutting ni kena tinggi and berisi sikit.

Rilla pernah buat entry pasal shiloutte for petite brides: