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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia at SACC - wedding dress


hi blogger buddies.

yesterday i went to SACC. my intention to go to the wedding exhibition is to study/ search idea for diy mini dais, wedding dais, wedding dress, wedding gifts decors, buffet decors, wedding invitation cards, photographer, cinematographer and wedding entertainments.

girls, i am sorry. i lost count who's booth is this cause it's crowded. i just managed to stop in seconds and capture this beautiful wedding dress. i am falling in love with the simple design, lovely ribbons and BIG brooches!

i must say YES for this:

girls, base from my limited knowledge and personal review less beaded french lace/ chiffon is the most fav materials for wedding dress. then, added with satin, songket (optional) and the best lining is velvet material.

beads, pearls or brooches are important to highlight the wedding dress and make it beautiful. that's why the price is ehem expensive.

what ever. what ever. my main purpose is to buy my own materials and send it to my tailor. that's why i study the details how professional did it. i look at the material very carefully, i figure out how they do beading and etc. it's interesting, you know.

well, the idea is there. i will going to collect as much ideas as impossible. insya Allah. wish me best of luck girls cause i have lot of time to prepare for my dreams wedding. amin.

p/s: kindly inform me if you know who is the designer of this gorgeous dress.

yours truly,


veesakura said...

i think it's saidatulnisa's work. kalo x silap la

Syima Syaz said...

kita pun pergi ahad dgn tunang n blogger...

rasanya ini rinz suzana kot... kot lah..tak igtlah.
ingat sangat baju ni sbb tunjuk kat tunang, then dia cakap part pinggang tu cam annoying sikit.then kita cakap kat dia..'itu lah yang i nak!'...hahaha..cantik kan?

amy fahmi said...

cantik..kite da berangan nak pakai dress masa nikah nanti. hehe. tengah nak cari designer yang murah ni. ada ke agaknye? :D

Syima Syaz said...

haa...iyelah ini saidatulnisa