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Friday, February 25, 2011

my dream engagement hand bouquet

dear diary,

no. not as huge as this! but, i just love the color combo red-gold. reserved for wedding theme and such. so, ferrero rocher hand bouquet is one of my dream engagement props.

i ever seen this commonly during the graduation day and one of my friend has using this as part of her flower-chocs hand bouquet during her engagement day.

i google to search on how to diy the ferrero rocher hand bouquet to study how they usually wrap each chocs. well, there are 3 different links that i found best to show the steps:

how to make candy bouquet
how to make chocs flower bouquet
easy to make ferrero rocher bouquet

at least, i have some idea and wish this might help my friends too. next, i will update the checklist (again) cause i have to add on the materials for diy this hand bouquet.

besides ferrero rocher, lolly pop might be interesting too. and cheap. haha.

source: our-wedding-journal

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

that's nice dear. nanti silap2, ada je choc yg dah kena curik. lol...

Syima Syaz said...

haritu pakai order je kat petaling street...skrg dah tau insyaallah DIY je...

iedaNoor said...

habis majlis coklat tu boleh makan :)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum amy,

haha. not even me, my hand bouquet will be one of the center of attraction too.

assalamualaikum syima,

i excited to DIY. just any simple thingy la. huhu.

assalamualaikum ieda,

YEAY! it's true 100% for you~~~

miey anna said...

hehe..santeknyee..macam nak amek semua jek..uhuu..=)) nice idea dear..=))