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Monday, February 21, 2011

engagement ring guidelines

dear diary,

among all over things that i have been shortlisted, engagement ring is located at the top of my list. the priority is in the No. 1. unfortunately, zero progress on it (so far).

'engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged and to be married'.

source: wikipedia

i will going to engage with my sweetheart in 110 days from now. due to busy browsing ideas and dreaming the event, i forget about the signature ring. luckily, my sweetheart did remind me about it. good job, sweetheart!

since we are in a long distant relationship, we need to plan properly when and where to meet, what other things to discuss and settle, etc etc.

knowing me, the proposal is my passion. i simply draft guidelines to make ease the process and help me to find my special ring. time is limited. we dont have much time to survey (again).


i think these can helps us to buy my engagement ring:

1. number of ring.

- in my case, we did agree to buy 1 ring only.

2. types of gold.

- i do prefer 100% yellow gold.


- Rm 500 and below, between Rm 500 and Rm 1,000 or between Rm1,000 and Rm 1,500.
- the reason i agree with 1 ring only because there is no guilty (if) i request for yellow gold which cost him between Rm1,000 and Rm 1,500.

4. updates with current gold prices and location to buy.

- on 16.02.2011 the gold price at Poh Kong, Jj Bukit Raja is Rm 151.00
- i follow him. he follow me back. no point. i better suggested him one place and we settle everything there.
- i plan to buy at small town like rawang or mentakab. any recommended idea, please..

5. size.

- mine is size 9. it consider small but still have choices.


6. cut.

- this is the most hardest part ever. just because of this, i guarantee we will stuck trying to find the most good looking ring on my finger.
- thus, let's clarify now:
- no diamond.
- ordinary stones.
- plain and simple cut.
- the reason i want it to be simple because to cut the cost of workmanship and spend more on the yellow gold itself.

phew.. i hope above guidelines will help us. there are my version on how i clarify the needs and wants, the possibility, the logical thinking and the solution for him.

insya Allah..

yours truly,


lovelyadibah said...

wah!budget besar k cik syahira??huhu~..dba budget skit jer utk cincin..hehehe..


cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum dba.

thanks dear. all the best to you too. the gold price increased. so, do the budget too. huhu.