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Friday, January 07, 2011

simple and practical pink engagement outfits


good morning girls.

after ups and downs, i come back sharing and caring my personal view and preparation on my engagement day. before that, i would love to appreciate my sweetheart cause he has did the best for this relationship.

i can see he puts more efforts and such. thank you so much, sweetheart.

and for today.. i would like to share and care few of simple and practical outfits suitable for engagement day. of cause in pink color.

as i said before my dream is having a simple yet meaningful for my small engagement day (insya Allah). i am wishing for no over budget but still happening. *apa saya merepek ni?

couple of years ago, i went to bandung for materials hunting and pasar baru will be the must place to visit again. i think so.

besides hunting for gorgeous looks materials with affordable prices, another thing that i concern more is choosing the design. the important criteria are simplicity and practicality after that.

just like this:


i like the combination between pink and black. the design is among the latest trend, caftan style. it gives me something new to my ordinary collections.


simple baju kurung modern with beads. i admire the cutting at the bottom of this baju kurung. it creates nice and sweet look. however, my 2cents i am less interested with the beads color cause the 1st color combo has overwhelming me. hu3x

Align Center

i swear. i like this. i like the design. i like the color combo. i like the simplicity and practicality but.. i think this is too simple for me otherwise i am choosing the different materials. printed material is no no no of cause.

dont you think that this is elegant? i was thinking it is. the color, the design, the beads, the shape. ouh.. i wish i have this one. must buying this for myself collections la. wink. urm.. of cause not for my engagement since i was too short/ small to wear this. sob.

honestly, i have seen once. i am not sure who is she. she looks stunning with this outfit. i was dreaming the bottom(part kain ropol-ropol) for quite sometimes. i think the design is just suitable for chiffon materials only. please correct me if i am wrong.

2 tones material is one of my fav. the design is ala-ala dato' siti nurhaliza which i think this is back to 2008/2009 or maybe early 2010 trends. nvm. it still look pretty if you know how to dress it. wink


another 2 tones. i think black beads will make this material looks more beautiful. actually, i was attended the beading class before. haha. i just experiment my skill once and left it. i wish to have diy beading project either for engagement or wedding. insya Allah.

last but not least..

guess what?

p/s: meet my friend, the excited tailor. i love her crumbles.

yours truly,


mrs leona faye said...

hai syira, love reading ur blog coz my bf is a soldier too-perhaps we can share lots of things,
my blog is, i'm a newbie-tolong beri tunjuk ajar hihihi...

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum leona faye.

glad to meet you here. unfortunately i cant view your blog la cause you set it private.

cik nurulain said...

cantik kain tu. beli kat indon eh. memang murah ke sana? tgk sume org beli sana. berbaloi eh?

.::DinCma::. said...

i like that caftan design.. he3;-)
but all the dress up here so beautiful..

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nurulain,

its way cheaper than in malaysia. honestly, i cant afford to pay if i buy them here esp the french lace.

assalamualaikum cma,

i love the caftan too. overall, there are sweet like candy. haha.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

caftan pun chantek dear and baju kurung moden pun chantek jugak.

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum amy,

i wish i could wear caftan but i am worried if i will look alike preggie T_T huhu.