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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i was looking for a cake stand but i found ..


good morning buddies.

life as a jobless is boring. still, appreciate my life now cause at least i can have a good rest before i start a new job. amin.

i did plan to do house cleaning this morning and re-organize my small room to welcome new year 2011. haha. sure, it will be fun!

ok.ok. before that..

i have something to share this morning. i google ' a cake stand' and i found:

a glass stand.

a white plastic stand
a floral iron stand

i think this is a porcelain stand or can be a plastic stand *bantai je

a gorgeous metal stand.

guess what, i was thinking that cake stand looks a like stand for hantarans is it. or i just confuse. or this is what we called as a creative thinking. multipurpose!

what ever.

still, there are looks nice. i like. anyway, i was planning to buy a stand cake for the engagement cake display. or as part of presentation on buffet table.

like this.

so let's go to kedai pinggan mangkuk near by to survey this simple and cute cake stand. if my kind hearted readers have any idea/ info about this, my pleasure to share and care with me.

p/s: i found this at nilai 3 w/out the cover. meaning, it is for hantarans. thank you.

yours truly,

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K.I.N.A said...

kina jumpa cake stand macam yang bawah skali tu dekat semua house rm80 ke rm60 tak sure antara 2 tu..tapi yang tu kaca la..kalau yang plastik maybe lagi murah..boleh try pegi kedai bakeri dekat bangi or mana2 kedai bakeri yang supply utk kuih & cake..