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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

common senses : about make up


hi buddies.

nothing much interesting in past few days. i just stay at home doing some research, internet surfing and house cleaning.

yesterday, i thought to share something on engagement/ wedding story but i miss it. so, let's sharing caring about them today.

well, 1st of all i would like to remind my readers that this are common things occurred during engagement/ wedding ceremony where by most of us needs to be aware. i am afraid if this could be happen to me too.

therefore, i jot down this for my future references as well.

1. about make up.

fine, i may not the right person to discuss about this nor teaching the right way to make up. however, as a b2b i think this could be happen most of the time.

one of my buddy said if you like to hire someone for make up, never judge her/ his touches from pics. look at how that person make up herself/ himself. did you like the way they express themselves? this will be exactly done to your face too because that's only how she/ he used to do.

i mean, if they make up themselves well, insya Allah you'll be pretty as well.

then, trial make up is recommended. i mean, you have to! cause we used to review from their past collections is it? have you ever thought that either it might suitable for you or not?

for an instance, trial make up usually charges around Rm30 and more. i think it's ok if you lost some amount rather than it's turn horrible on your big day. fine, you wont realize it. however, the rest judge it!

my experience, i found (honestly in fb) (alhamdulillah she was not one of my b2b buddies here), make up for her wedding was horrible. such a mask! totally contra and i cursed who ever make up for her during her wedding day.

oh please.. it's too thick. sigh. in fact, her eyes+cheeks, nose and lips looks weird. i am sorry.

some said, go hired professional make up artist and the problem will be solved. gulp, my budget is tight. sure i cant afford to do so. i need to spend my money wisely. hurm.

luckily i found not a professional make up artist but she did it very well. i like the way she make up herself. alhamdulillah, once everything is confirm i will set an appointment for trial make up 1st with her before i officially hire her services.

i did some research about her. i look at her appearances, communication skills and the way she make up herself. then, i review her past collections as well as her products. then, i approached her asked several questions.

alhamdulillah, i like the way she entertained me. she's no body but her interest towards make up is huge. i will take this opportunity to collaborate with her IF i am satisfied with her personal touches.

last but not least, i shall remind myself to snap pics during the trial make up and review my pic in different angles. do you know why? cause by looking at pics this is where peeps judges you more. trust me.

IF and IF i look good in reality and in pics, this is why i strongly agree to hire her as my official make up artist. wink.

p/s: now, you can call me fussy or etc but this is what b2b wishes to have.

yours truly,

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