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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ayer hitam is an alternative for nilai 3 and semua house


hi buddies.

this morning, mother and i went to ayer hitam surveys artificial flowers and the diy pelamin thingy. basically, ayer hitam is one of the commercial center where sells various of wedding thingy with affordable prices.

ayer hitam is not as happening as nilai 3 or semua house, yet there are still offers same materials but limited choices. still, ok lah.

frankly speaking, i am not finalized the idea yet cause i am fussy (just realized it) huhu. it's hard to find out artificial flowers that suits with my taste.

lavender is nice but it is purple.

orchid is unique but it is red.

lily is pretty but it is pink.

so how?

i was looking for ORANGE color! actually, i found 2 or 3 orange artificial flowers but .. deep down there my heart said NO. hurm..

end up, i just snap 1 2 3 pics just for self references..

orange leaves. only if i know how to deco using this, will definitely buy them.

small peach and pink roses. mix and match with bigger flowers creates WOW!

another orange and i just love it! but.. too large.

this deco has catches mother's attentions..

after hours of survey, finally mother bought flowers for her office room and my simple alas dulang for the hantarans. cheap ok, Rm 3/pc only.

yours truly,


jooleata said...

how is ur pelamin looks alike?

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

yg bunga orange tuh chantek dah lah dear. too big sangat ke?