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Thursday, October 28, 2010

beauty consultant for b2b


good morning buddies.

i received a phone call from catherine, my personal beauty consultant this yesterday's evening. she called me asked for my current conditions since i've didnt visited her since last ramadhan (2months ago).

i told her that i am not having proper meals, stressful, not enough sleep and rest recently. all thing happens because i am catching up the date line for the dissertation submission. sigh.

part of the preparation for my engagement, i went to marie france body line to tailor any necessary part on my body to ensure i can wearing the engagement outfit next 2months with no doubt . *cough

since my outfit is referring to my figure last june, i must ensure i am not gaining any weights until this dec! hu2x.. if not, i need to work out for the unnecessary fats. sob.

alhamdulillah, my weight still maintain 43-44kilos.

back to catherine (my beauty consultant), she advice me to drink LOT of plain water to keep my body balance and help to detox, at least have a CAT NAP for refreshing.

honestly, pass few weeks my healthy routine is OUT of the schedule. i drink less plain water, having cold juices T_T" , not enough sleep and the result is now i am having back pain!! sob.

she called me at the right time. at least, i have someone who remind me on taking my good health properly. i did promises her to visit her once i was in hometown next week.

i am interested to look for any promotions from marie france bodyline. insya Allah, if there have any offers/ promotions i would like to extend the opportunity to b2b out there. any one interested?

no worries, my 1st treatment from marie france bodyline cost me Rm 38/-* for 1hours and 45mins. i just LOVE the services. fine, catherine didnt read this but i love the way she treats me.

so, b2b. dont forget to drink more plain water.. and here you are some tips from MFB.

p/s: i think Rm38/- but if i am wrong, it's actually below Rm40/- good offers is it?

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

woowww.... that's quite cheap. thought it would be thousand plus. thanks dear for reminding, i pun skang kurang minum air masak. not good at all. T___T

anaztasias einz said...

hehe amy saya pun kurang minum air masak . hem betui2 murah la tu. =)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

i grab opportunities while promotion offers. insya Allah, if there's any promo i will sharing caring here.

assalamualaikum nora,

let's drink plain water everyday:

1 after wake up in the morning.
1 before take shower.
1 before heavy meals.
1 before off to bed.

*i just remember this. please spread out the info. wink.

h e r n y z a r said...

salam iera... dh lama nk tny iera pasal slimming centre ni... sara takot nk join prog slimming centre.. as you know.. my body is so bambam.. so planing to take one of slimming prog.. any advice.. wuuu~! my weight is out of order. haha.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sara,

i sign up this form. MFB called me and we set an appointment.

however, before you agree to do ANY TREATMENT please.. please.. ask her the price 1st.

during the 1st time consultation, it's free (based from my experience). then, asked them if they have any promo.

i told you, of cause they will offering you Rm thousand plus plus treatments. but, if your budget is tight (like me) i asked promotions for below Rm50. usually they have.

no worries, dear. MFB will helping you tailoring your body.

p/s: i guess every slimming center offers the same thing. ha3x

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