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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

read at your own risk


hi buddies.

i would like to share some of my experiences regarding on 'a planning ahead' for my engagement. it was back to 2008, it such as an ad hoc planning when i went to bandung purposely to buy for the materials as i said before.

called me insane or what, i bought the materials ages ago and just send it to the tailor last april/may (if i am not mistaken). things that makes me crazy to buy it because:

1) i dont know when i can re-visit bandung. so, what are you waiting for? i was there and why not i grab one/two materials.

2) of cause the prize is super cheap! i believes everyone knows this. who can take her eyes away from the prize tag? Rp100,000/m is damn cheap for heavy beaded laces~

3) i drooled when i saw laces are everywhere and cant resisted to not to buy them. ha ha.

4) i believes that i cant afford to buy them in malaysia T_T" just because i know i must re-visit bandung! worth is it?

5) my bff love the materials too. that is why we called as bff. she knows the best for me. *thanks darl.

6) i think that's all.

then, another planning ahead tasks are buying the hantarans earlier. based from my reading, starts to buy the hantarans as early as possible and spend for it once a month/ during mega sale.

this is my experiences, one of the hantaran from him to me is a handbag and purse. i bought it online. yess, no kidding.

this is my 1st time spend nearly 2k in my life for 2items. wait, i paid for the deposit and he settle everything. i guess it was fair enough since sharing is caring >_<"

psst.. we bought the thing by installment. i or him seriously hard to commit for a lumpsum payment. are gonna die if we dont! hu hu hu.

alhamdulillah, all hantarans are nearly ready to deco which this is a surprise for him. why i said that? this is because:

1) he permits me to buy the hantarans since he agree with the planning aheads idea.

2) just because he was super busy and he forgot the reason no.1

3) since the 1st hantaran was bought last year (yeah, no type errors) from him to me then i started to buy one by one all hantarans (mine and him).

4) alhamdulillah, he did allocated some amount of money for my monthly used. guess what, i am spending that money to buy the hantarans for me. *fair and lovely.

5) his timetable is full with out station, training and etc. in fact, we are in a long distant relationship therefore he allows me to go for shopping after the reason no.1

at the end, when we discussed about the engagement and etc he surprised when i said i bought all hantarans ord. next project with him is hunting the ring. by this time, he said he must accompany me and want experience this himself.

i kindly appreciated his efforts. thank you, sweetheart.

p/s: i enjoys this moments.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

for hantaran pertunangan u dpt handbag n purse ke?? sangat best okeyh!!! i'm thinking of to buy online too tapi my fiance tak bagi. dia kata takut the person yg jual yg bukan original. to get the things kat butik agak pricey kan?. aiseyhh......

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy.

well, i didnt share the drama yet before i trust the seller. ha ha.
alhamdulillah, she sells the genuine products (so far) and directly from the designer boutiques.
the best thing is we've met each others and now being a friend.