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Saturday, September 18, 2010

my golden ring hunting tips and trick


hi buddies.

in this entry, i would like to share my not-so general info and truly our experiences regarding on ring hunting. yes, we did it.. finally. alhamdulillah.

before i go further, i love to highlight that this is one of my fav design (unfortunately it was white gold ring):

it's adorable! i love the small-small diamonds and design it as a flower. it such a sweet and really nice. awesome. wonderful. beautiful. *big grinned.

ha ha. back to the reality, within a several times we did some surveys we found that:

1) check this out the lowest gold price in your town. as i mention earlier, i found that the gold price at midvalley is way higher than at my hometown. based from my understanding, the more exclusive there are the higher prices there offers. *coughs.

2) doing surveys from one boutique to another accompanied with the banker. eh, i mean i went with my sweetheart. at the 1st place, we were looking for the gold price then searching for the most desirable design. ha ha.

3) dont be shy to ask the sale assistant anything regarding on the ring such as the current gold price (again), types of gold (white gold, 916 or less), any discounts (my sweetheart asked this! ha ha) and etc.

4) if you like a ring dispaly on the collections, ask for a 1st try. i dont know what is my size, so i asked her and the sale assistant help me measured it. mine is, 11. so small! wait, different boutique may have different sizes because at habib jewels mine is 10.5!

5) important! check the weight of the gold ring such as 3.30gram. then, ask the sale assistant what is the price and she will probably reply, it was around RM 550.00 depends on the design.

take note that, the more sophisticated the design the expensive it goes to. but, the simple design such as a simple belah rotan supposed must be cheaper. do remember this.

the more sophisticated -> expensive
the simple belah rotan -> supposes cheaper than..

please.. please.. dont be cheated by them. as what i did last time, i was re-calculating it:

3.30gram x RM 141 (current prize at the boutique) = RM 465.30

if anf if the design is more sophisticated the charge of design might be higher than RM100. it's possible if the gold ring is RM 550 or 565.30 (more or less) maybe even higher than this.


if and if the design is damn simple belah rotan, there are going crazy if there offers until RM550.00 did you get my point? at least, for a very simple belah rotan the design charge is suppose RM50 and below.

my sweetheart asked the sale assistant if there offers any discount and she replied after less is gonna be RM500.00 which means the design charge is RM34.70 (i think it was reasonable lah).

well, in my understanding this is the biggest trick ever to search the best offers. i wish if my buddies out there have any experiences regarding on this, fill free to share your ideas.

in fact, our mission on ring hunting is not complete yet. we are still surveying for the best gold price offers because we want to spend wisely and save a lot! *wink.

p/s: any suggestions. where is your fav boutiques? check this out here. i found it when i am doing some researches on this entry.

yours truly,


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

ramai yg minat design mcm gmbr tu skrg kan =)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nora,

i agree with you. sometimes, i am worried if my ring is similar with some one that i know. hu2x

fill free to share with me your experiences, buddy (=